Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Visiting Wismar!

Hey Guys!

Last weekend I went on a little trip with my family to a town called " Wismar ". And surprisingly it was blue sky with barely a cloud to be seen.
It's an adorable little town in Germany. Almost all the houses are old and look just amazing. 
Btw -> I have a huge obsession with old buildings. They are just so beautiful and I hope to live in one some day.

We went shopping for a bit (still wondering if I should film a haul video with my new treasures).
My parents went to Wismar the day before too and they wanted to have a coffee in a cute little café on the corner of a street. 
Couldn't resist and had to get myself a blackberrie milkshake. Never had one before and really wanted to test it. 
It looks gorgeous, doesn't it? *_*


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