Montag, 11. April 2016

A healthy meal! -Porridge-

Hey Guys! How are you?

For a while now I was searching for a good, healthy breakfast. It should keep me full until lunch and of course it should be tasty. After searching and trying out a few recipes I finally found the perfect one for me. Porridge doesn't take long to make and it is really good for you. So here is the recipe that I found to taste the best:


  - 100 ml water  

- 200 ml milk 

        - 50 g porridge oats  

All you have to do is mix those ingredients together and let it cook for as long as you like. It will soon start to look more creamy and when the perfect texture for your tastes is reached you can enjoy your meal. 
I would always add a bit of sugar and fruits just to
                                                               sweeten the porridge up a bit, but that is up to you.