Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016

Trip to London

Last year a friend and I went on a trip to London.

I always wanted to come back to London. I love the city and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was the first time I went somewhere without my parents and it was like an adventure! 
The first hindrance my friend and I had to overcome was at the airport at home. We didn't know that we had to have a written permission from our parents that allowed us to leave the country. I nearly had a heart attack back then. I thought I couldn't even fly over to England. But thankfully the two lovely men at the service point just called our parents and they said it was okay.
And so our little adventure began!

We landed and successfully found the correct bus that would take us to Baker Street. Like the little Sherlock Holmes fan I am I was really excited about our destination. We took the underground and arrived at the station closest to our hostel. 
It was kinda hard to find it though. There was a giant construction site and that made it really stressful to find the way to the right road. 
But we found it at least!
We just put our stuff in our room and wanted to go and explore the city. 
I have to say that I have never seen a smaller room. It was barely big enough for the bunk bed that filled more than half the room.

                       We visited so many places and of course went shopping for a bit. 

I really developed a little obsession with "pret a manger". They have the most delicious food I can imagine. If you ever visit London or another place that has a "Pret a manger" you should go for it!

One thing I absolutely love about London is the mix of buildings. A new building with glass walls and escalators and all this high-tech stuff can be next to an old building with beautiful bricks and ornamentation. And in London it looks normal. I love the architecture there so much.

I hope you liked these impressions of my journey! 
Louisa xx 

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  1. Oh god, London looks just like a dream! Every picture you took looks amazing, and shows how much you enjoyed your trip! :)
    Would you like to support eachother via GFC? Please let me know!