Sonntag, 6. März 2016

My Essie nail polish

My birthday was recently and I got a few more Essie nail polishes!

Essie has the most beautiful colours  and they last for quiet a while. I love nail polish and I think I have over 100 different ones. 
My nails split easily and nail polish never lasts long, but Essie nail polish is better than many others. 

Those are the ones I have so far and I hope that my collection grows this year.
In a post from last year I just got my first Essie nail polish " blossom dandy" and I still love that one. It is a beautiful colour for summer or spring. After that I started too buy more. 

Out of these my favorite is "bordeaux"
It's the most beautiful dark red colour any nail polish I know has.

I can highly recommend all of the above!

xx Louisa

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